baby dedication

If You Are Dedicated To The Love Of God For Your Child, Then A Dedication Service Helps You Proclaim That Love

Dedicating a child is the best way to insure the love of God is proclaimed and promised for that child in conjunction with the love and dedication of the parents and godparents.

In a Service of Dedication your child is named and claimed for the purposes of God in the hopes that one day your child will accept God’s love with their own faith. You make a public declaration of support for your child and the promise to raise them in your home with Faith In Christ.

This kind of service is important for you, the parents, the godparents, and the entire community of believers. I make no requirements of affiliation with any organized church group in order to perform this Service for you and your child. I am truly a Pastor On Call for those who still believe in spite of no religious affiliation.

So here’s an outline of what your Dedication Service will look like.

We start with the Presentation of the Child, and then go into the Parents Commitment, the Godparents Commitment, and the Community’s Commitment. This can be in a formal or informal setting and I will provide you with a Certificate of Dedication.

I usually receive $100.00 for performing this as a Pastor On Call with over 30 years of experience. I am ready, willing and able to help in your spiritual journey and excited that you are considering a Child Dedication Service. Please call me at 630-835-9359 for questions and scheduling.

Eric Dawson
Pastor On Call