The Loss Of A Pet Is A Loss Of A Friend.

You may experience grief and loss and a Pet Funeral can help you heal and gain peace of mind for you and your family.

The funeral ceremonies we attend to, as we do with humans, is an important function in the grieving process.

The reasons we grieve include healing, mending, and mourning   Therefore, as a Pastor, I am ready, willing, and able to help you through the loss of your pet with a proper Pet Burial Service.

Whether it was a big dog or a small little puppy; a bird of many colors or a plain colored cat; whether this pet was loved by one person or by a whole family; lived for many years or just few days; I believe it deserves a proper burial in the name of God the Creator of all life.

Therefore, I will perform your Pet Burial Service at a pet cemetery, or at another location you’d like. In many of the services I’ve performed the Pet is usually cremated into a small vessel that is placed in the ground.

You’ll have the gracious opportunity to grieve the loss of your beloved friend and companion.

This kind of Pet Burial Service gives you a convenient opportunity to invite family and friends to also show their appreciation for your beloved creature.

In the end, you’ll have a special spot where you can return on a regular basis to remember your God given creature and what they meant to you.

In the Pet Burial Service there is a time for Remembering, we read Psalm 8, perform a Dedication Prayer and a Doxology.

I usually receive $100.00 when I perform the Pet Burial Service and you’ll receive the Pet Burial Certificate.

Please call me to discuss your wishes. Call 630-835-9359

Eric Dawson
Pastor On Call.