A Pastor On Call To Perform Your Wedding!

When you decide to get married you are suddenly faced with many decisions. Your decision about who to marry will hopefully be an easy one.  I also believe that God is concerned about your happiness and your commitment to the marriage. I am here to help you move forward and pursue your dreams with a Pastoral Presence for your Wedding Ceremony.

I consider your marriage a sacred event regardless of your religious affiliation. Whether your service takes place in a church, or a restaurant; whether it’s a young couple or an older union, small and simple or large and complex, indoor or outdoor, you are able to be served by be me as your Pastor.

As a Pastor I have performed over 500 Weddings in places like the 60th Floor of the Willis Tower, on Mackinac Island, The Dawson Ranch in Oregon, Wedding Chapels, Golf Courses and many other places in the Chicagoland area.

Regardless of where your ceremony is performed, the importance of a God created relationship between male and female is proclaimed in the name of Commitment, Trust, and Love!

Here is an outline of what you experience when you engage me to perform your Wedding Ceremony:

You and your future spouse will receive Pre-Marital counseling. This is a very simple and yet profound step that the people I work with are happy they took seriously. I will perform a Rehearsal and attend your Rehearsal Dinner. Your Wedding Ceremony will be performed by me, your Pastor On Call, and also a Prayer at the Reception. Your Certificate of Marriage will be filed with the proper authorities.

If you are ready to talk about your plans, I’d love to hear them. I usually receive $300.00 for the entire Service described above, so give me a call. You’ll see that I am a pretty easy guy to get to know and I will do my best for you.

Please give me a call – 630-835-9359.

Eric Dawson
Pastor On Call

Please note: The marriages I perform are between a male and female of legal age.