“All Creatures Great And Small, God Made Them All.”

A Pet Blessing is a marvelous way to say: “All creatures great and small, God made them all.”

When you have a A Pet Blessing you lift up the sacredness of all life; especially when it is in the form of an animal that is loved, cared for, and appreciated by you almost as much as human life itself.

When you have a Blessing for your pet you demonstrate your true love and affection for your “members of the family” who also provide so much love and affection in return.

And out of this sense of love and reverence for life itself A Pet Blessing is a marvelous means of demonstrating what God truly intended when He created the world and said to us as humans: “Take care of it and all that creeps, crawls, swims, and flies upon its surface.”

So let your love show and let’s Bless your Pet. Call me today if you like, I usually receive $25.00 for a Pet Blessing. You can call me at 630-835-9359

Eric Dawson
Pastor On Call