A Happy Home Is A Blessing, And A Blessing Can Help You Have A Happy Home

When you have a House Blessing you officially invite God into your home for blessing and protection.

I will talk with you, then prepare and deliver for you some great prayers with words that give thanks and praise to God from who all blessings flow.

I’ve performed House Blessings for Homes just built, recently purchased, and for homes being prepared to sell.

If you recently purchased a home, wouldn’t it be great to start moving in with that extra security of knowing all the rooms are Blessed.

I will prepare a Blessing for each room with a certain intent and purpose for that particular space.

A House Blessing can provide you with the kind of peace of mind only God can give that will hopefully permeate the whole structure and work its way into the hearts and minds of those who dwell there.

Here is an Outline of the House Blessing Ceremony: we’ll have an Opening Presentation followed by General Prayers; I will then give a Scripture Reading and Blessing for each room; ending with Final Prayers and a Doxology. I provide the oil for anointing and a Certificate of Blessing.

Whether it takes place in a large home or a small cottage; I usually receive $100.00 for the Service. I can bless your house where the importance of God’s activity is proclaimed in the name of His Grace, Peace and Joy!

I am excited to hear the news of your new home and to help create peace of mind for you with a House Blessing.

Please call me at 630-835-9359

Eric Dawson
Pastor On Call