A Blessing Is For You, As Much As It Is For The Loved One Lost

When I Perform The Blessing of a Deceased’s Ashes it is a means of connecting the life of the deceased to the ashes in a way that signifies the overall importance of human life, how it impacts this world, and yet how fragile and vulnerable it is.

You might request this Service for someone you’ve recently lost, a long lost relative, someone loved and appreciated, or someone missed and remembered. The blessing might be for someone whose ashes are in a fancy urn or a simple wooden box. In any case, by giving the ashes a proper blessing I will hopefully give you some peace of mind.

They will be blessed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This can be a Blessing of Ashes before distribution or permanent storage. You can have it in your house, at a cemetery, or at a specific location requested by the deceased.

I can assist anyone who wishes to have the ashes of a loved one blessed. This includes a Blessing Ceremony and a Blessing Certificate. I usually receive $50.00 for performing this Service. Please call me if you’d like to discuss your arrangements Call me at 630-835-9359

Eric Dawson
Pastor On Call