Lost and Found

Hey, what’s going on here!

Did you lose something?

Maybe you lost your pride?

Maybe you lost your cool?

Maybe you lost your paycheck?

Maybe you lost your job?

Maybe you lost your license?

Maybe you lost your phone?

Who knows what you’ve lost over the years?

But, as long as you haven’t lost your Faith,

Then you can still be Found

By a Loving and Gracious God.

The gift of God-given Faith is

The beacon, the streetlight, the candle,

That burns brightly

Amidst the darkness

Of a lost world.

So, God can communicate with you

No matter where you are,

Or what your situation may be.

You may lose, a loved one,

Your health, your dignity.

But, with Faith, God’s loving

And gracious presence

Can be Found and utilized

To help make you strong

At the broken (lost) places (spaces)

Of your life.


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