What’s Worship?

I was teaching a 5th Grade class the other day, and we were talking about words that start with the letter “w”, and I wrote (among other words) the word “worship” on the board. I didn’t think much about it, until a girl in the class come up to me and asked what does the word “worship” mean. I couldn’t believe my ears. “What! You are eleven years old and you don’t know what the word worship means.”, I said to myself. Of course, this was what I was thinking. I was careful not to show my surprise. I simply said to her, “Worship, is when you lift up something or someone higher than anything else, including yourself, and then you gather with other people who feel the same way you do to praise and honor the thing or person you are lifting up.” “Oh”, she said, “like worshipping a god.” “Yes”, I said, “people worship gods.” “Do you worship a god?” she asked. Yes,” I said, “I worship the God of Jesus.” “Okay”, she said, “thanks for answering my question.” “No problem,” I said, “thanks for asking; that’s how you learn.” She went back to her desk, and I thought to myself, “A little witnessing can’t hurt!”


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