Timing is Everything

“Timing is everything”, how many times have we heard that statement! But, for me, as one who believes in the existence of God and is willing to place my faith and trust in this Eternal Being, I’ve learned there are two clocks working in my life. One is set on earthly time and the other is set on Godly time. One has a visible face with numbers on it, the other has no face and no numbers. One has hands that go round and round, the other has no hands that go around. One makes a ticking sound with each second and is powered by electricity, the other makes no sound and is powered by God’s wisdom and love. One speaks to my physical nature (what I can see, touch, hear, and smell), the other speaks to my internal nature (what I can feel, experience, appreciate, and express). One creates anxiety and stress, the other helps to alleviate anxiety and stress. One day my earthly clock will stop ticking, but my Godly clock will go on forever!


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