Take the Time

The number of hours people spend shopping for gifts at this time of the year is staggering. Whether you shop on line, walk the mall, or drive from store to store, you still spend a great deal of time looking for that special gift for that special someone. I’ve always wondered,
“What if people took just a fraction of the time they spend shopping and spent it instead on their relationship, with God, with someone else, or with oneself. Think about it, time is of the essence, it is the one commodity we can truly give freely and openly, and of course
“relationships” are essential for survival. You may have all the basic necessities, but if you don’t have at least one caring, loving relationship in your life, then it’s hard to consider oneself truly alive. So why not (at this time of the year) bring these two great gifts together, the gift of time and relationship. Instead of spending all our time shopping, let’s spend some time working on our relationship with God (mediation), ourselves (reflection), and each other (conversation). I have often thought to myself, how different Christmas would be if people took some of their precious time and spent it on some of their special relationships. After all, don’t relationships usually last a lot longer than store bought gifts and are they not worth the investment? So, if you are still looking for that special gift for that special someone, why not give them, the greatest gift of all, some of your much needed time and attention!


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