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We live in a crazy world. Some would say it’s “pure insanity” or “it’s a nightmare out there”. I’m sure we’ve all heard those descriptions before. If I was God I would have stayed away from this crazy world amidst the safety and comfort of the “heavenly realms”. Why enter into the insanity of humanity […]

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Take the Time

The number of hours people spend shopping for gifts at this time of the year is staggering. Whether you shop on line, walk the mall, or drive from store to store, you still spend a great deal of time looking for that special gift for that special someone. I’ve always wondered, “What if people took […]

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Purposeful Living

For what purpose do we I live for? Do we live for ourselves? Do we live for others? Do we live for riches, fame, or fortune? Do we live for a particular cause or endeavor? Do we live with reckless abandon or meticulous care? We must also ask ourselves, what is our motivation and from […]

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