Come Holy Spirit Be My Guest

I am waiting for the Holy Spirit to do it’s thing. Come Holy Spirit and be my guest, let this Devotional be blessed. Sometimes the Holy Spirit can be finicky and at other times it moves like a mighty rushing wind. Right now it’s playing the shy game, keeping me guessing as to what it wants me to say. Other times it flows quickly and effectively, the words and thoughts come easy and they reach the page faster than I can keep up. Sometimes when I am speaking, the words just come out without much effort, other times the words stumble and fumble from my mouth. It’s nice to be in the “zone” with the Holy Spirit as my guide, but it’s not so nice when it seems like the Holy Spirit has abandoned the cause. Sometimes when I am listening, the Holy Spirit opens up my ears so that my mind and heart or moved by what I hear, and yet there are times when it seems like my ears are clogged and nothing is getting through. Sometimes what I see impacts me in Spiritual ways, other times it is as though I am blind to what God wants me to focus on. I know I can’t control the Holy Spirit, but I do know it’s always there, and I can seek it’s presence and guidance through prayer, Bible study, worship, and fellowshipping with other believers. No matter what, I always seek it’s presence, so come Holy Spirit, be my guest!


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