God Bless Him for Being There

On Tuesday I had to go to the Central Office of Elections for Dupage County at 421 County Farm Road in Wheaton, right across the street from the Dupage Convalescent Center. I had to register to vote in Dupage County before I could actually vote on Election Day. You bring two forms of Identification including your Driver’s License to prove residency, then you fill out this form, they enter the information into a computer, and then you go to another room where you vote electronically. When I first got there, there was an elderly man in disheveled clothes, unshaven, who spoke broken English with a thick Russian accent. He was asking a lot of questions and it was obvious he was having a hard time filling out the form. And, when he finally walked into the voting room, he had difficulty understanding what to do, especially using the electronic voting booth. But, you know what…he was there voting without fear or coercion, taking advantage of one of the greatest privileges the world has ever known in the greatest country the world has ever known. It was probably the first time he ever voted! He was there, because he knows what it’s like to live in a country where such a privilege is not provided, and if it is, it is done with fear and intimidation. All I kept thinking is “God Bless Him” for being there making every effort to have his voice heard!


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