Smart Mind O’Heart Meter

Well, all is well, I just had my ComEd Smart Meter installed today! Yup, the door bell rang and this lady in coveralls lets me know she will be installing a new Smart Meter. So, I opened the fence, and she went to the back corner of the house and started working. I could see her through the window. After about ten minutes she was done. While she was out there, I read the Brochure informing me of all the wondrous things this new Smart Meter can do. After she was gone, I said to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if it was that easy to get a new heart and a new mind. Somebody rings your doorbell, tells you they are from the God Squad to install a new Smart Mind O’Heart Meter. It will only take a few minutes, and immediately they start working on you, as you stand there reading the Brochure informing you of all the wondrous things it can do. But, you know something, aren’t we told in the Scriptures that God has already given us a knew heart and a new mind. They were “installed” when we were baptized, and they are ready, willing, and able to help you and I do the Smart thing; that is, to do God’s will. It’s just a matter of faithfully believing this to be true and learning how to switch over and utilize this new Smart Mind O’Heart Meter God installed for free.


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