The Babe

The Babe



The Birth

Of the Babe

For Now is the

Time of Redemption

For all Humanity

The Babe

Born in a Stable

To Dwell, so Well

Amongst Us

Eating, Breathing,

Walking, Talking,

Living, Loving,

The Babe

Born in a Manger

To Answer the Call

And Give it All

So we May Live

As God Forgives

Fully and Completely

The Babe

Born in Bethlehem

To Bring Peace

Put your Sword Away

He Did Say

For My Kingdom is

Not of This World

The Babe

Born in a Bundle

To Bring Joy

To a World

Hungry, Thirsty

For What God

Alone can Give

The Babe

Born of a Virgin

Love Made Flesh

To Bind up

The Brokenhearted

And Give Sight

To the Blind

The Babe

Born Under a Star

A Light Amidst

The Darkness

To Guide, Lead

And Show the

Way to Eternity

The Babe

Born a King

To Rule

With Kindness

And Humility

Gently He Speaks

With Loving Authority

The Babe

Born to Bring Hope

To a Violent World

Father Forgive Them

He Said

For They Know

Not What They Do

Let Not

The Babe

Slip Away

Through Your Fingertips

Wrap Him Instead

In the Swaddling Clothes

Of Your Life

The Babe

by Pastor D.


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