Cubs Win!

Had a person come up to me the other day and ask, “If I thought 2015 is the year for the Second Coming!” And, before I could answer they started talking about all the bad stuff going on in this world, “storms, floods, tsunamis, raging fires, melting glaciers, planes dropping out of the sky, tensions rising in the Middle East, mass shootings, the Ebola epidemic, prophecies being fulfilled, and on and on and on,” you name it, they talked about it! Then they asked me, “So, do you think the end times are near?” I said, “I don’t know, nobody does, except God the Father.” “But,” they continued, “Don’t you think these are exceptionally bad times?” I responded, “Not any worse than any other time in human history. Every generation thinks the end times are near. Ever since Jesus ascended, people have said, He’s coming back soon!” And, then they asked the all important question, “Pastor Dawson, when do you think Jesus is coming back?’ I thought for a minute, looked them straight in the eye, and said, “When the Cubs win the World Series!” “What,” they said, “you can’t really believe that.” I responded, “It’s as good as some of the other theories I’ve heard over the years, especially when you consider Harry Carey died a few years ago to prepare the way, and they are redoing Wrigley Field, so it’s going to look real nice when He returns.” “Can you imagine.” I continued “What it’s going be like…the 7th game of the World Series, 9th Inning, Cubs need four to win, bases loaded, full count, and the batter hits a grand slam, and all of a sudden you hear Harry Carey yelling from the Heaven’s, Cubs Win! Cubs Win! and after the batter crosses Home Plate, Jesus appears in all His Divine Glory!” Needless to say, this person just looked at me kind of strange, shook their head, and walked away. What can I say?


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