A Little Heaven Here on Earth

Everybody has their favorite spot! What’s your favorite spot? Where’s it at? Can you picture it in your mind. I once had someone describe their favorite spot. It was sitting on her grandfather’s lap when she was a young girl, that’s where she felt safe and loved; and when things got a little crazy, she sometimes would go back to her favorite spot. My favorite spot is Jack London State Park in California, just north of Sonoma. It’s my favorite place to be. When I’m sitting at the top of Jack London State Park over looking the beautiful Napa Valley, I’m in Heaven. I’ve been up there at least twenty-five times, and each time I go up there, I can sense God’s presence. Sometimes on those cold winter days, I just sit back and imagine myself standing there in my favorite spot with the warm sunshine on my face and the beautiful valley in front of me. I wonder if Jesus had a favorite spot here on Earth. He often talked about Heaven as a beautiful place to be. When you think about it, Jesus was a piece of Heaven here on Earth, that’s why people from all walks of life loved to be around Him, because He became their favorite spot to be, a little slice of Heaven here on Earth. Can you imagine being in your favorite spot forever, well that’s what Heaven is going to be like. In the meantime, let Jesus become your favorite spot to be, so you can experience a little Heaven here on Earth!


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